Jerome Jahnke
328 Millstream Ln -- Oswego, IL 60543 -- C 520 302 5798


Java, Python, Javascript, C++, C


Identity and Access Management, Agile Development, Infrastructure as Code, Web Browsers, N Tier Web Systems, Performance Analysis, Software Design, Operations, Product Architecture, Speech Recognition, Telephony Interfaces, VOIP, Text To Speech Synthesis, 3D Graphics , Haptics, Instructional Software, Genomic Databases, PCR, Molecular Modeling


6,912,581, 6,807,529

Senior Engineering Manager, Deal Platform
Groupon, Chicago, IL — 2015-Present
Leading teams of engineers maintaing and extending important parts of the core Groupon architecture
  1. Deal Platform a high volume low latency system where all the deals which appear on the website are managed.
  2. 3rd Party Deal Ingestion which allows Groupon to sell inventory from other deal sites.
  3. Coupons site which is transforming how Groupon can use coupons to drive customer traffic to sites (instead of just cart abandoment).
  4. Accounting Software which produces Merchant Invoices as well as data for Revenue Reporting.
Senior Development Manager, Global Collateral Risk Technologies (GRT)
Bank of America, Chicago, IL — 2013-2015
Transforming how GRT does software development from a traditional waterfall approach to a more agile approach.
  1. Building an open source like development community by getting teams across GRT to communicate and share with each other.
  2. Leading the development of tools designed to meet the banking regulators needs using agile methodologies. This allows us to deal with a somewhat chaotic regulatory environment.
Senior Architecture Manager, Global Markets and Research Technologies (GMRT)
Bank of America, Chicago, IL — 2010-2013
Led a team of 6 engineers to develop portions of a new shared development platform designed to improve how the Bank of America measures, manages and reports Risk.
  1. Designed and developed an identity system to track organization changes over time which helps make sure entitlements are correct when org structures change.
  2. Designed and developed an attribute based entitlements management system to improve accountability and auditablity of changes to data (including source code) access.
  3. Developed a PKI and Password Vault mechanisms allowing a dynamic distributed job mechanism to use existing entitlements systems to provide accountability into who is running what jobs on what resources.
  4. Designed and developed forecasting, provisioning, inventory management and configuration tools, processes and dashboards for a new automated hosting platform for B of A. This platform (Sunrise) won a 2013 American Financial Technology Awards From Waters Magazine for Best IT Infrastructure Initiative
  5. Designed and helped implement GMRT Entitlements Service, an Attribute Based Access Control service that can decision entitlements on sub millisecond timescales.
Senior Technical Manager, Identity and Access Product Engineering
Bank of America, Chicago, IL — 2009-2010
Led a team of 7 engineers defining the new standards and architecture for Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure for the entire Bank of America enterprise.
  1. Led the entire Bank of America enterprise in developing the 5 year IAM Architectural Framework and Roadmap.
  2. Started and ran the IAM Center of Excellence responsible for implementing the 5 year IAM Roadmap.
  3. Created architecture for the next generation IAM infrastructure for the Bank of America enterprise.
  4. Developed a utility to deal with the 54 gigabytes of logs generated per day by the IAM infrastructure.
Senior Technical Manager, Access and Identity Services (AIS)
Bank of America, Chicago, IL — 2005-2009
Led a team of over 60 people in 5 states and 2 countries responsible for providing the lowest cost highly available Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure that was easy to implement for lines of business and easy to use by our customers.
  1. Grew AIS from 10 apps and 5,000 identities and less than 100 thousand transactions a month in 2003 to over 700 applications and 40 million identities processing 700 million transactions per day.
  2. Developed a change process for the team which reduced change defects rates from 8% in 2004 to less than 1% in 2007 for over 2000 changes per year.
  3. Put in place policies and training to improve our Sigma from 4.5 (following our move from 1 million identities to 15 million identities in 2005) to 5.8 for all of 2007-2009.
  4. Reduced testing from $90 per hour to $60 per hour in the first 6 months, and by using automation further reduced it to $10 per hour.
  5. Generated $1 million per year in direct cost savings from 2005 to 2009 by aggressive consolidation of non standard Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems into our enterprise wide standards.
Development Team Lead, Corporate, Consumer and Commercial Technology
Bank of America, Chicago, IL — 2002-2005
Led a team of 3 engineers responsible for the development and operations of the Unified User Management (UUM) infrastructure which provides an API for line of business (LOB) developers into the Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure.
  1. Grew the API from 10 apps to over 150 apps and from 100 thousand transactions a month to over 36 million transactions in a month.
  2. Saved the bank $500 thousand dollars per year in direct cost as we migrated applications off of dedicated IAM infrastructure onto UUM.
Senior Staff Engineer, Internet Connectivity Software Group
Motorola Inc., Schaumberg, IL — 1999-2002
Led a team of 5 engineers to design and build high volume voice systems as Motorola attempted to seed the VoiceXML market.
  1. Designed and developed the first working multi modal web browser. Motorola was awarded 2 patents for this work.
  2. Designed and developed a Text to Speech Server that reduced the overall cost of doing VoiceXML on large capacity systems by over 75%.
  3. Developed the Motorola VoiceXML browser which had been licensed to companies for inclusion in telecom grade voice systems handling hundreds of millions of calls.
  4. Responsible for the design and implementation of the Motorola Voice Developer Gateway (VDG) which was a low cost stand alone VoiceXML development system.
  5. Designed and implemented the first instance of distributed speech recognition over a public cellular phone network as a part of the multi modal browser.
Senior Systems Designer, Biology Sciences Division/Office of Academic Computing
The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL — 1994-1999
Responsible for implementing technology into the curricula at both the university and high school levels. I worked with researchers and educators to help take what was happening in active research labs and develop software that could be used by students to learn cutting edge biology topics.
Senior Systems Analyst, Biology Learning Center
The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ — 1989-1994
Responsible for implementing technology into the curricula at both the university and high school levels. I worked with researchers and educators to help take what was happening in active research labs and develop software that could be used by students to learn cutting edge biology topics.
Chair VoiceXML Accessibility Sub-Committee for the VoiceXML Forum Technology Council (2004-2007)
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL — 1999 MS Computer Science (3.78 GPA)